Floating Cottage

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The First Liqo

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Thumbnail- Liqo began after Ashar prayer in Masjid Ukhwah Islamiah, Complex UI , Depok - The Murobbi is our proffesor in college - Our group consisted of 3 people, me (Nav UI'08), gerry L P (Nav UI'08) and Surya (Mech UI'08), all of them are my familiar friend in college. - in the firs time for liqo, we introduce our self - we recite... [Read More]

Finally Found Murobbi

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ThumbnailAgus S. Pamitran pamitran@eng.ui.ac.id Mekanika Fluida, Pembangkitan Daya, CFD Ir. Universitas Indonesia; M.Eng. Chonnam Univ. Korea Dr.Chonnam Univ. Korea Representative Publications : Agus S. Pamitran, Jong-Taek Oh,  “Experimental Study and Correlation of Two-Phase Flow Evaporation Heat Transfer Coefficient of Propane in Intermittent, Stratified Wavy and Annular Flows”, The 2nd International Meeting on Advanced Thermo-Fluid (IMAT 2009) Penelitian: Boiling Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer of Natural Refrigerants for Design Parameters... [Read More]